Tasha and Nasir

A day to photograph Tasha and Nasir is a great day to be a photographer. This isn’t my first session with these two, but this time we kicked it up a notch. First with a great local resort whose well manicured landscape and meticulous interior lent itself to a fantastic photo session. Then with the classically beautiful, and the swagtastic stylings of this mother and son duo there was no way I could lose. And in the end with so many great photos to choose from, I was particularly excited about the black and white photo in front of the stairs leading to the fireplace. It was supposed to be a candid shot, then I thought to ask Tasha to look away and voila’.

Tasha and Nasir-1 Tasha and Nasir-2 Tasha and Nasir-6 Tasha and Nasir-10 Tasha and Nasir-12

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