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I am simply a man who loves Love, spending time with my wife and family, and making photographs. Photography is a passion that will undoubtedly cause me more grey hairs, but it’s worth it. My love for photographic art started as a tike flipping through family photo albums. Sitting for hours in awe of life at a stand still, if for just a moment. As a teen I expressed myself through tons of sketch books, and entering drawing competitions. My niche was always the “life-like category”.┬áIn my opinion if a picture is only worth a thousand words then let’s update our vocabulary.

Based in Las Vegas, special projects have allowed me an opportunity to travel throughout the southwest and east coast. Though I adore landscape photography I’d also be honored to tell your story through portraiture, capture your special moments during a small event, or help build your niche in products. If this is all you ever know about me, it’s enough to say you know me very well.