A Wedding to Remember!

Awakened bright and early Saturday morning racking my brain around the shot list, worrying about lighting, and how I am going to be in ten different places all at once. You see, I signed up to ensure enough light entered my sensor properly, to freeze as many special moments as possible, and to not get in the way. I signed up to be thirsty, hungry, and even short on strong-enough-to-mask-stress-sweat deodorant…ALL FOR THE FIRST TIME, ALL BY MYSELF!!! can’t say I did all of that without a hitch, but I sure tried. I also negated the full spectrum of stress this would cause me. Yet, I can’t wait til the next event.

For those of you looking to take on a special event on your own consider a just few things first:

  • Research, research, research!!! Then shadow an established wedding/special events photographer if possible.
  • In case you run out of space on your memory card(s), ensure you have your laptop to download, format, and reuse. Or in special cases if there is an additional photographer there, you can ask to download their card at the end of the event too
  • Flexibility is key (figuratively…maybe a little physically too)
  • Know the schedule and if something changes learn the new on-the-cusp schedule
  • Ask the bride and groom for a family representative from both sides to aid with the posed shots
  • Don’t forget the extra batteries
  • Memorize the shot list, but don’t live by it. Capture the moment(s), but when the boss says it’s time to move…just move.
  • Extra deodorant
  • Get everything in writing so there are no unmet expectations. And if you have to email it, ensure to have it signed before the big day.
  • Business is business…don’t take anything personal except the quality of your product.
  • Stick to the deadlines (in post), if you thought the bride and groom were stressed with before the wedding tasks wait until you’re the only loose end to tie up.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t change the outcome for the world.  It was a good experience, and I learned some great lessons.

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