A Little Advice Goes A Long Way


Adana, Turkey-6Anytime I mention to someone who’s visited that I’d be traveling to Turkey, their advice was almost cookie cutter: 1) The doner and cheesy bread are amazing, you have to try them! 2) Have a suit made, they’re inexpensive and great quality. 3) The historical sites are phenomenal, take some tours!”

True to form, I took their advice and started with the doner. The easiest comparison would be to that of a gyro. Well seasoned cooked meat sliced off of a rotating vertical spit. The doner I had was made with chicken. It’s served wrapped in homemade pita, and dressed with lettuce, tomato, and a mild spicy sauce. My description does this wonderful dish no justice, because it was extremely flavorful. When it arrives at the table you squeeze a fresh cut lemon/lime slice over it and stuff it with Aleppo peppers. An Aleppo pepper is comparable to a peppercini.

Adana, Turkey-1 Adana, Turkey-2

After indulging in the doner, we hopped on the dolmush (minibus) and made our way downtown to sightsee and check out local stores. It was also suggested we stop for tea during our outing, so we stopped at a shop that had roaming fowl. From turkey to peacock. There we enjoyed some black tea, and random locals wanting to take photos with us.

Adana, Turkey-3 Adana, Turkey-5Adana, Turkey-7Adana, Turkey-4

The main attraction seen from the parks, mall, and even the tea shop was the Sabanci Central Mosque. We walked for hours, but no matter the angle we were able to see that mosque. It’s the largest mosque in Turkey, and one of the largest in the Middle East. Very well built, true attention to detail throughout it’s exterior and interior. The areas leading to the mosque were very serene, beautiful structures, couples having picnics on the grass, and even kids playing football (soccer).

Adana, Turkey-8Adana, Turkey-10Adana, Turkey-13

After removing our shoes before entering we were able to go inside for a little history lesson. To say the least, the mosque is breathtaking. The architects left no detail unfinished from the windows to the walls. Sad to say, I missed part of the history lesson because my attention was on the architecture, and the just-married couple having their wedding photos taken indoors and out.

Adana, Turkey-9 Adana, Turkey-11 Adana, Turkey-12 Adana, Turkey-14 Adana, Turkey-15

Adana, Turkey-16

Finally, before making our way back to the hotel we went to the mall after crossing one of the oldest Roman made bridges.

Not much was familiar, and although the atrium included McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, and Popeyes the menus left much to be desired. We decided to stop in for another Turkish delight called kebab. While it was yet again very simple meat, pita, tomato, sauce, rice, and peppers it was different and very flavorful. All in all, it was a fun first visit.

Adana, Turkey-17  

Thus far, the advice has worked out well. I definitely look forward to trying out the cheesy bread, and traveling to more of the historical sites.


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